long time no see

Salam Alaikum

Ok it has been a while since I updated here, i guess so much was going on that i withdrew myself for a bit.

To make a long story short, we had a child psychologist around 2 weeks ago. After our first assessment, she definitely could see that everything isn't as it should be and will be referring us to a clinical doctor at the childrens development hospital, aswell as observe Ayoub at school. It was a really emotional assessment as i had to dig into some deep scars, which I've done all I could to forget about, Khair InshaAllah, as long as it might help my son and at the end of the day what doesn't break you makes you stronger. It was the first time I had spoken about that period of my life with anyone and being brutally honest and I do think it was actually a relief to actually set words on it. I've definitely gotten my fighting spirit back Alhamdulillah.
A few days later, the speech therapist called to talk about her previous report.. As you can read in my previous post she had an action sheet set up, but now she was withdrawing it. She turn around and said that she didn't think there was anything wrong with my son, he might have a very mild version of ADHD, but definitely nothing else.. I was shocked and informed her about the psychologist and that she also said things weren't right. Then she said "oh well, I can speak to her and we can carry on with the assessments, just to put your mind at rest".. OMG I was speechless! how could she say that?? I decided to end the call there and then, as I knew I would say something I might regret..
In the meantime Ayoub has been quite on and off.. the first week after half term was great but then it has just gone down hill, SubhanAllah..
 On thursday he had the biggest outburst to date, when I took them to school and usually he calms down as we reach the gate, but not this time... He carried on screaming as he went to the classroom and I was standing in the playground for about 15-20 mins afterwards, listening to him. I wanted to go in there but the teachers told me not to, as he could do this every morning then.. I went home and tried to get some housework done and when I picked him up at lunch time I got the biggest shock of all. I was met by his teacher, saying he had has the worst morning to date. He had spent majority of the morning in time out, as he was throwing everything, he could get his hands on, around the classroom, pushing and slapping the other children and when he was in time out, he attacked the teacher. He kept pulling her blouse and then scratched her hand quite badly, she showed me the hand and it was covered in scars SubhanAllah
I honestly don't know what to do! I'm thinking of calling the psychologist tomorrow, to see if she has some sort of solution and I'm thinking of keeping him at home for the last couple of weeks, before christmas holidays, if he doesn't improve. Also being on my own and nowhere to turn at the moment, I guess that makes it even harder :(