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Salam Alaikum

Well for the past few years I've been thinking of getting a degree of some sort. I've explored many options out there but not really gotten hooked on any, beside interior design (my ultimate passion) and psychology.
I've now decided to go for psychology which not only can help me understand and help my son better, but Also to bring awareness about mental health to the Muslim community, especially in the middle east, where it's still such a taboo, SubhanAllah!
I know it all might sound too ambitious, but InshaAllah I want to move to the middle east at some point and InshaAllah that way get things moving.. I've done a bit of research on Kuwait and appearantly there is hardly any help there for those who need it, and when they do get help they get shunned by society, SubhanAllah!
Anyway that's going to be my goal for now and InshaAllah the interior design can become a reality one day by getting on the property ladder and do houses up, as a hobby Ofcourse :)

Does anyone reading this have a degree in psychology? Perhaps you can give me some ideas of what to expect from the course?

BarakAllahu feeki x


JazakiLah kheir for at du vil hjelpe andre. Jeg tror ikke jeg hadde greid å være så sterk. Jeg kan spørre litt rundt hvis du vil. :) Det er sikkert noen som kjenner noen som studerer det.


Well I dont have a degree in psychology but i did study and aim for one in child psychology but didnt pass my exam. Hamdulillah I did pass my assignments and assessments and the course I found was interesting but only in small parts. It depends what sides of psychology interest you. I went numb when it became too cognitive and scientific! lol My main problem when studying was not being able to put much time into it due to family commitments. It is not easy at all but if you have the support an time inshaAllah it could be good for you for better understanding on how to relate to your son's own individual needs and the whole family. Hope whatever you do its good for you and your family.


Barak Allahu Feeki for your reply

I'm obviously reluctant to start right now, i'm thinking perhaps to enroll in january next year InshaAllah.. I'm hoping to have my son's diagnosis by then and INshaAllah he'll have all the support in school he needs, so I might be able to get him in full time
I've spoken to the kids' dad about it and he's willing to give me all the support i need to get a degree Alhamdulillah


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