Charity is a big part of Islam, MashaAllah, we are encouraged to help those in need, whenever and whereever, InshaAllah

Lately I've been reading and watching the news quite alot and every time i'm getting more and more upset. Every day there is some sort of violence either related to alcohol and/or drugs. These days you get open a newspaper without reading something devistating..
You end up thinking, what the heck is going on in this society? and where will it lead our future generation?? Can we make a make a difference? And what can we do?
Knowing there is alot of racism locally, one fears walking out and about, looking over ones shoulder all the time, just waiting for the next verbal or physical attack. Now that's something that really makes my stomach churn! But how can we actually show that we (muslims) aren't as the media has portraited us to be? that we aren't all wild thugs at war with the west?
Well i personally think charity is the answer.. Not only donating here and there, but hands on charity. To give a helping hand whether it's small or big, everything makes a difference! There are alot of deprived areas in this city, alot of families who live in true poverty, who can't feed their kids, who can't get their lives back on track, who simply don't see a way out etc
So what i was thinking is to get a few sisters to come and do some charity work with me InshaAllah. What i've got in mind at the moment, is basically find a family that really needs and wants to get back on track. It can be anything from cleaning and decorate their homes, filling cupboards with food, donating clothes, giving them ideas on how to improve both mentally and physically to be able to get back on the jobmarket. Basically anything that can give these families hope for a brighter future!
Many of you might think, but why cleaning? well alot of people who are run down mentally and physically, aren't able to keep up with the house chores, which means they end up with houses, like the ones you see on "how clean is your house?". I personally believe that a home shall be where you relax, reload your energy, plenty of family time etc, your home should be your castle, your idea box, regardless how bad things are, home is where you can always turn to..
InshaAllah this will become a reality one day or anytime soon. I have already contacted my son's nursery and they are more than willing to help me out, finding that family and supporting me in what i want to do MashaAllah.
Now I need the local sisters to join me so we can make this a reality. Plus I also think that this will change the image, locals have, about muslims, that we aren't these vile thugs, but genuinely nice and giving people, InshaAllah