Bigbury on Sea!

Salam Alaikum

Well my plan last night was to go to Cawsand, but i changed my mind this morning, as i was in the mood to explore a new place.. LOL those who know me, know my plans don't always go to plan.

Anyway last summer i had found a place online called Bigbury on Sea, which seems like a nice area, but after airing it with a few local people they said it wasn't all that, so i never went.. But today the curiosity got the better of me and i decided to go and Alhamdulillah for that, because we had the most amazing time MashaAllah.

When we arrived there i was thinking to myself, oh no! it's so steep down! because the car park was on a massive hill... but when I had parked the car i noticed there was both stairs and a road down to the beach MashaAllah and as we came down we saw the most amazing beach! MashaAllah it was huge! and the sand was like silk under our feet! you know that type of sand which kids have in pre-school, dry and soft, MashaAllah! as we walked closer to the water, which actually was quite far as the tide was out, the sand was wet but still soft and only a few super soft pebbles.. As we came down to the water the kids jumped in straight away and it wasn't deep at all, they could walk far out before it even reached their knees and the water was warm aswell, was just amazing! who needs to travel far when you have such an amazing place on your doorstep? MashaAllah if any of you would ever come down to Devon, this is definately a place to see, not only is the beach amazing but the scenery is stunning aswell, can only imagine what it must be at sunset or sunrise! it's a proper postcard type place MashaAllah and the drive through the countryside is also a major plus

I'm thinking of looking into renting a summer house out there next summer just for a week, or perhaps go camping there, as there is a camping site there aswell.. How great wouldn't it be spending a whole week with the kids at such a place?

I can't seem to find my USB cable for the camera, but will upload them as soon as i do find them... but for now these pictures should give a fair idea of what i'm talking about InshaAllah

me? blogging?

Salam Alaikum

lol i've attempted this so many times, it never really seems to work.. perhaps if i try to do it on a regular basis and more like a diary, i can actually get a bit "hooked" on this blogging thing..

Anyway it's summer holiday now, which means all 4 kids are at home.. We've had a couple of weeks with gorgeous weather MashaAllah, so we've thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.. We've been on the moors, to the seaside and just chilling in the garden with a paddling pool.
But from monday onwards they promise rain, so we'll make the most of the day tomorrow and go to the seaside, InshaAllah.. As always the British weather is not the most reliable and it might well be the last bit of summer this year, InshaAllah not, we'll see.

This is Cawsand, a little village about 20 mins drive from us, it's gorgeous MashaAllah.. it's a village with mainly holiday properties, so it's not too busy and ideal when u've got 4 little ones, they can't run off lol!