finally things are moving forward

Salam Alaikum

A couple of weeks ago we had another hiccup with the school. They tried to exclude my son from a school trip to a farm :( I was nothing less than furious, to be honest, because the boy LOVES animals! We've been there so many times before and he has always been good as gold! But even when I told his teacher this, she brushed me off, saying she'd think about it..
I then decided to take matters in my own hand and finally went to Parents Partnership. I've heard alot of good things about them and have had them recommended before.. I was a bit apprehensive at first, but MashaAllah within a few minutes, I realised I had made the right decision. I was informed that the school was in the wrong here and in fact, Ayoub is obliged to fulll time education! And if they can't provide that for him, then they need to arrange support for him or use other means so he can access education! So they wrote a letter, on my behalf, to the director of Education, requesting a SEN statement for my son. Something I had no idea I could actually do myself! SubhanAllah over the last 8 months I've been fighting for him, begging the school to help me, yet they kept this from me! it just goes to show how little support they've given me!
After my meeting with Parents Partnership, I felt like i had gotten a confidence boost and started pressing on the school to take Ayoub with them on the trip and Alhamdulillah he was allowed to go in the end! And guess what??? He was an absolute star!! MashaAllah!
In July the whole school will be going to the Zoo, let's see what stunt they'll come up with then!

With regards to the diagnosis, I feel we're moving closer to the finish line InshaAllah! He has just been assessed by CIT and InshaAllah they should be sending out a report this week
The school has finally sent out the referral to an educational psychologist and behavior support team, which will InshaAllah help him at school aswell
We've also got another Paediatric appointment on 11th of June and because he has been assessed by all the people she had requested, I'm hoping there will be a diagnosis there, InshaAllah!

Wrt moving, I've decided to stay down here until things settle down a bit InshaAllah. Trying to get everything in place, wrt school, home, family etc etc so when we move, it will be a completely new start for us and InshaAllah everything will be much smoother, as we will have all the support etc in place already


Salams my dear
IAlhamdulillah am so glad you found someone who can support you wth regards to school things, what a blessing! Praying for you and your precious son xxx


Assalamu Alaykum,
May Allah be with you, put your trust in Allah insha'Allah :) ameen
Take care


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