2 weeks to go!

It's 2 weeks until I move house! I'm soooo excited! I've been wanting to get out of this neighbourhood for years and every time i've attempted to get out, something happens and my move vanishes into thin air!
But this time, InshaAllah it will happen. I've handed in my notice on this place so I better get those keys lol! The new landlord seems to be really lovely mashaAllah. He's currently doing some work on the house but has promised us the key before the 1. September, so we can move and get settled before Eid and school start inshaAllah.

My current home is packed with boxes, bags and God knows what else, lol it has turned into a maze! I never realised how much stuff we actually have.. Plus a Kuwaiti family just moved back to their country and left all their household stuff with us, so got a massive arabic sofa that doesn't even fit into my living room and lots of other furnitures and not to mention all the appliances that came along.. I haven't even been able to look at them all, but I'm pretty sure there's almost every machine you can use in a kitchen mashaAllah.
Got a fridge-freezer aswell, which is packed with all sorts of spices, lol, it definitely shows they're arabs because they've bought everything in boxes and cartons MashaAllah

Our next home is a bit bigger than the one we have at the moment, but no garden as such. There's concrete at the front and the courtyard is pretty much the same.. But it's alright as i'm not much of a garden person anyway, beside there's a lovely park just across the road, mashaAllah.
It's in a great location. The school is 5 mins walk away, the same goes for the islamic centre and nursery. There are halal shops and city centre within walking distance and a retail park only a couple of mins away. Also easy access to the highway,  which is great! Oh and not to forget I've cut my journey up to a dear sister by 15-20 mins (depending on traffic)

Anyway I'm gonna take pictures as soon as i get the key and InshaAllah post some here.. I'm planning to do the kids' bedrooms up, something quite cool InshaAllah, so there will be pictures coming up as i get on with things :D

right, it's getting late now, better go to sleep and dream about getting that key lol


Asalaam Alaikum

InshAllah the move goes well!


wa alaikum salam

Barak Allahu Feeki, InshaAllah, can't wait!


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