an outdoor adventure

Salam Alaikum

Yesterday we decided to go up on the moors yet again. It's lovely up there with all the rivers and animals, the kids love it!
As we arrived at the parking area, we were greeted by 3 horses and 5 foals (wild ones) MashaAllah, they walked so elegantly pass us MashaAllah such beauties from a distance, lol i'm terrified of horses!
We then found a perfect spot to sit, just beside the river bank so the kids could splash around.. After a while i saw something huge flying across the river, SubhanAllah, at first i thought it was a dragonfly, but then i thought naah couldn't me... i showed my friend it and SubhanAllah it was a dragonfly! First time in my life i've seen one, what an amazing sight, absolutely gorgeous!
When the kids had had enough of the water, they were running wild between the bushes and in the long grass.. we were all enjoying ourselves, until my friend frightened me by telling me that snakes actually live around these areas, yiks! lol first thing came to mind was to grab the kids and storm home! but then she explained they're quite common on the moors, however very rarely attack humans, although they're poisonous..
Although i would love to see a snake, i rather not whilst out with the kids! but MashaAllah they are gorgeous aren't they?


Asalaam Alaikum! mashAllah sounds like you had a lovely day


Lovely blog mashaAllah. Nice to meet you.


wa alaikum salam
@foz yeah it was lovely, kids got worn out for sure lol! MashaAllah!

@sanaa, Barak Allahu Feeki, welcome to my blog :D looking forward to get to know you


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