Inna Ilahi wa Inna Ilahi raj'ioon

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return!

this morning the nation woke up to the sad and tragic news of the hit and run murder of 3 brothers in Birmingham. They had left Taraweeh prayer with a group of brothers and went onto the street to guard the mosque and surrounding businesses and properties. Then out of nowhere this car comes with high speed and drives through the crowd of brothers and hits 3 of them.. 2 of them died shortly after arriving at the hospital and the other one died in the early hours this morning.
May Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala grant them Jannah al-Firdous and may He grant the families strength and sabr in these differcult times, Ameen
My deepest sympathy with their families, especially with one of the brothers' wife who's 4 months pregnant. May Allah Subhana Wa Ta'ala protect her and the baby Ameen

InshaAllah this is a wake up call for these nasty riots and will bring this madness to an end!! shame on you all!! 


I am in Birmingham with the riots right on my doorstep. Last week the vibes was tense but hamdulillah the anxiety is calming down. May Allah bless the souls of those who were wrongly killed. I pray they are written down as inhabitants of jannah for standing in guard protecting their livelihood as we know if they are doing for Allah's sake they are granted Jannah. May Allah bless his family his father especially who has represented us Muslims beautifully not compromising to apease anyone. I feel privileged he is my neighbour mashaAllah.


Ameen sister! although I don't know these people, they're our muslim family and SubhanAllah it has affected me in such a way i never thought was possible. This man, as you say has represented us beautifully MashaAllah, a true example of what a muslim should be, not like the nutcases that usually overshadow the media.
I think alot of people have been put to shame after this. I've even had people who would usually abuse me, being apologetic SubhanAllah


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