Riots and Looters

Salam Alaikum

As most of you probably have seen over the last 4 days, UK has been suffering from rioting and looting across the country. I've been watching the news and honestly find it shocking and disgraceful! SubhanAllah, people are left homeless and people have lost their livelihood. People all over the country are living in fear, which is understandable, but why is this happening??? well according to this BBC report, some girls are bragging about their activities, listen to this:
Now I really do hope that BBC will name and shame these girls! SubhanAllah, it's sickening! if they want the high lifestyle then for God sake go and get a job! a career!! People have worked hard all their lives to get to where they are and the lifestyle they have, if you really want all that, then get off your big fat backside and do it for yourself! It's not the "rich" peoples fault you don't have luxuries in your life is it?
SubhanAllah it also makes me think.. Where the heck are the parents??? and what kind of parenting has there been in place?? There are reports of kids as young as 11 years old have been arrested! Audhobillah!!
I totally blame this on the parents, they should have had their kids at home and have more discipline in place... but then again, the government has taken discipline out of family lives and schools! I think it's about time there will be some sort of reform in that area, this has to stop, the upcoming generations are a lost generation, if we as parents and as a society as a whole don't encourage them and support them in life, how can we then expect them to do well in life? They've said themselves, they've got nothing to look forward to, no jobs no nothing.. SubhanAllah, this is so far from what i grew up with..

The police might not always have been the good guys, but I have to say they've done a great job and should be supported by us all. They are risking their lives to keep us safe and we have to bear in mind that there haven't been enough police to cover all of the areas, hence why ie London has been so badly damaged.. It's also our duty as citizens to support them and help where we can.. Get the males in your family out there to defend the communities InshaAllah! We've heard of brothers both in the Midlands and London guarding the Mosques MashaAllah and InshaAllah this spirit will carry on out in the communities as a whole..

So who ever reads this and where ever you are, keep safe InshaAllah!

here are some pictures from the chaos..


A family business, running through 5 generations and his 140 years old....

was set alight! it's run by 2 brothers and their 80 year old father sat at home watching their business going up in flames, SubhanAllah!

and this is what is left of it! SubhanAllah! my heart really goes out to that family and InshaAllah they'll regain their success with what is remaining of their other store..

and some other pictures aswell...


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