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Salam Alaikum

MashaAllah kids can do and say the most funny and do the most unexpected things, which makes our job as a mum really worth while, love those moments! And having 4 kids is just bring that extra to the table lol, so thought I should share some of it with you all 

Maria at age 4:

Maria and i were throwing balls around (i've been teaching her to grab a ball properly). And at one time she threw the ball at me, it was high enough for me to head it, so i did.. then she goes "no, mamma! that's only for babba!" then i threw the ball at her asking her to head it, she goes "no mamma! my head doesn't work!"

Maria at age 2:

Maria was eating a cheese sandwich.. Then suddently she put it down and said it was too hot for her to eat (it was a cold sandwich).
Then i said to her:" i think u're lying"
Maria: "i'm not a lion! i'm a ladybird!!"

Maria at age 4:

 i woke up dh for work and ofcourse the whole army came along.. When Maria enters the room, she starts reciting Al-Fatiha (with a little bit of help) and dh's face lit up and had a big smile, whilst saying MashaAllah, MashaAllah several times. Maria got really proud of herself and said: "Babba can u teach me more Allahu Akbar (Salah)?"
and dh was ofcourse more than willing to learn her more, So they started to say Adhan together.. Maria only knows Adhan where u sing it, as she hears it on the pc all the time.. for every sentence maria says, dh goes "MashaAllah, MashaAllah, Allahu Akbar" in a typical arab tone (if i can say it like that)
then when they come to "Hayya 'alal-falaah" maria says "Hayya 'alal-falaaaafel!" Picture 116.gif OMG! u should see dh's face huh.gif dry.gif unsure.gif Picture 118.gif4d5c2a4c03c810862698257360df1be4_th.gif 

Maria at age 5:

One day i went to the Range with the kids.. whilst i was looking and some door curtains, the girls were being very curious and looking at all the vases etc, all which can easily break if they were to touch it.. then suddently i heard a bang.. i was like oh no! then i turn around asking them if they did it, but a lady who was standing next to them said it wasn't them, but a lady at the other end of the aisle.. at the same time a member of staff came running over.. then maria goes: "it wasn't me, it was her!" but the old lady vanished behind the aisle, then maria ran over there, then she shouted to the member of staff "it wasn't me!! it was HER! it was THAT old lady!!"

Maria at age 6:

one evening, just before bedtime, i was laying on the sofa, whilst the kids were playing.. then i noticed maria went on the pc (which was in the kitchen).. then i was like Hmmmm.gif why not play a joke on her? so i grabbed my mobile and call the landline and ofcourse as usual she answered it.. So i changed my voice to a deep scruffy voice:

me: "hallooooo"
maria: "hello"
me: "what are you doing?"
maria: "playing on the computer"
me: "what are you playing?"
maria: "farmville"
me: "did u ask ur mother for permission?"
maria: "no?"
me: "then u better get of the computer"
maria: "who is this?"
me: "farmville!"
maria: "farmville?!?!?!?"

by this point i couldn't say another word, as i was laughing so much, then she comes running to me, as if she'd seen a ghost, shouting "mamma!! mamma!! farmville is on the phone!" when she saw me and then my mobile she was laughing her head of and saying in an annoyed voice "maaammmaaaa!!!! u're really naughty!!!

Dina at age 3:

Dina was vacuum cleaning the floor, whilst i quickly checked something on the PC.. she was sitting with the hose itself and vacuumed cm by cm.. then suddently sheaargh4.gif MAMMA!!! MAMMA!!! when i turned around she had vacuumed one of her lips!! Picture 116.gif what a sight!! Picture 116.gif

Dina at age 3:

Dina was throwing a massive tantrum, so i told her that she had to go to her room, if she hadn't calm down before i counted to 5.. I start to count really slowly and by no 2, she was half way there, by number 3 she was quiet, so i stopped counting, then she looks at me with a face like this grumpy.gif and says 4, 5, 6, 7! count more?!? she was sooo not happy!

Dina at age 5:

Dina just came out of her bedroom: "mamma?? can't you tell maria to be quiet?? i need my beauty sleep??" whilst she was rolling her eyes! LOL!! 

Ayoub at age 3:

Ayoub wanted Jennah to play hide and seek with him..

Ayoub: "Jennah count! then I will hide!"

She gave him her back and counted to 10.. in the meantime Ayoub hid under the dining chair, lol! she turned around and ofcourse could see him straight away... He got totally excited and shouted "Jennah??? can you find me???" she gave him a 2nd glance, shook her head, into the livingroom and sat down to play with some toys!

Ayoub at age 4:

a couple of weeks ago, i woke up with a bounce! my little man was jumping on the bed, lol at first i didn't realise it was him, so got a bit frightened :roflol: then when i looked up and saw him, i asked him, what on earth are you doing?? his reply was, i'm finished bouncing now, so let's go brush my teeth! I thought to myself what is going on in his little head? 1. he always wakes me up with a cuddle not a bounce and 2. brushing teeth has always been a major problem as he would fight me to the end to not get them brushed! anyway i got myself out of bed, tried to wake up when i got a glimse at the pc screen... :roflol: he had been watching big and small on cbeebies and had been copying small! That boy can really come up with the funniest things sometimes MashaAllah 

more to come another time InshaAllah :D


awww....these are so sweet memories...one day when the kids grow, and see these things it will bring many smiles and tears to them remembering the time.... you are blessed :)


that's so true MashaAllah.. There is nothing more facinating than becoming a parent, SubhanAllah to see the tiny little baby, which is so helpless, fragile and totally depending on you 24/7, grow and develop into its own individual, there is no greater gift than that :)


LOL mashAllah. Have heard most of the stories already but they always bring a smile to my face! x


yeah stories like these are timeless and great if the kids we're to read at some point InshaAllah


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