Muslimahs United!

Salam Alaikum

Just want to share this site with you all. Muslimahs United is a sisters only forum, where sisters can come and learn just about everything, both islamically and in general. There is a secure verification procedure to prevent men getting access to the site and in the 4 years it's been up running, we've never had any issues, Alhamdulillah

The idea of having a sisters only forum is not new, there are plenty of them out there, but as many of us know, men have always tried to gain access and have been able to do so aswell.. So we thought we'd take the security level to a much higher level and decided to do a verification process, where we get in contact with those who want membership, over the phone or using messenger with mic and or cam.. We also allow access to those who have been referred by other members if they knew each other on a personal basis.. We also do facebook verification, but if we're not convinced that person is a female we would request to contact us in other ways.
I know this verification process might be a bit too much for some of you, but we've done it for the sake of our own security online. The sisters who have gone through the verification process have all been pleased with it as they feel they can be more open and basically let their hair down :)

We have sisters from all over the world and all walks of life MashaAllah and we've manage to bond in such a way, which isn't often apparent on other sisters forum, we are there for each other and support each other in every way possible MashaAllah, it's what sisterhood is all about!

So if you want to become a part of this wonderful forum, just click on the picture below and it should take you to our site InshaAllah! Looking forward to welcome you all (sisters that is lol)


yeah it's kind of in the name... isn't it? lol


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