Save the Children

We live in a very twisted world these days. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.. People's attitude towards other has also changed alot, the rich look at the poor as beggars, whilst the poor look at the rich as greedy.. But who are we to judge? We see people dying in East Africa and what do we do? just turn the blind eye? or do we try to make a change?
Since the drought began in East Africa, the stories of mothers having no choice, but to leave their children to die, I can't even imagine what does to their heart and soul! having to make that choice or choosing between which child should survive?  Absolutely heartbreaking

There is something we all can do though, please sign this petition

There are a few other things you can do to help. Your voice DOES make a difference. This WILL help save lives:

1. Make sure you sign the petition.
2. Join in with @helloitsgemma and @michelletwinmums 100 blogs 100 words challenge. (write 100 words about a health worker, be it a doctor, nurse, midwife or therapist who touched your life.)
3. Pass it on. – Link to other bloggers and get them to spread the word and sign the petition!
4. Make some noise! Tweet, post on Facebook, tell your friends and family. Basically lets give these people a voice.

So here's my 100 word challenge:

I don't think midwives get enough praise for their work. I've had some fantastic midwives over the years.
 First of all it was my community midwife, although we had our differences, she was so helpful and supportive, both with regards to the pregnancy, but also went the extra mile to support us with other issues. She also took time out to come and see us at the hospital, to see the baby and make sure we were ok. She has been there through all my 4 pregnancies and i couldn't ask for a better midwife.
And the midwives who were there during my labor and delivery, with my 2nd and 4th, were amazing too and if I ever was to have another child, then i would hope to get one of them


thanks for taking part. We are so fortunate to be able to take midwives for granted, sounds like you've been lucky with yours.


you're welcome.. We are all spoiled brats to be honest.. complain and moan about the silliest things, whilst people would give their life just to be in our shoes... whilst we are pondering where to go on our next shopping spree, people elsewhere have to choose which of their children can survive and which to leave for death, so so sad


Midwives are remarkable people. Thank you so much for your support, it was wonderful to have so many voices all calling for change and being able to go to New York with this backing. Very much appreciated.


most definitely and unfortunately not always reckonised for the job they do!


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