Something stuck at the end of my nose??

Salam Alaikum

After dropping my kids of at school, I had to do some errands in town. On my way back, I went to Tesco to buy some stuff for dinner, aswell as a smoothie for the little one, who was sitting so quietly in her pushchair.
As we walk home, we came to a traffic light and the cars were stopping for red light.. I noticed that all the drivers and passengers were staring at me! not only staring but turning their heads aswell. Gosh i felt sooo uncomfortable and was wondering if there was something stuck at the end of my nose... After passing all those cars, i stopped just to make sure little princess hadn't poured the smoothie all over her and what do i see??? she's putting her middle finger into the smoothie, then in her mouth and pulling it out in the direction of the cars!! LOL! so that's what they were so grumpy about, a little 2 year old giving them the finger!


I can just imagine driving past the scene lol! Saw you on another bloggers page popping over to say hi. I am also a blogger from the UK. I am now gfc following you, Karima :) and


lol I tend get into these kind of situation quite alot these days lol!!
I've just had a peek at your blogs, MashaAllah, right up my street, love it, will explore it further, when kids have gone to bed InshaAllah


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