School has started

Salam Alaikum!

Gosh the past 2 weeks have flown by, SubhanAllah. Kids started back at school and with the youngest being half days for the first couple of weeks has been hard work. He didn't seem to settle in, threw tantrums all the way to and back from school. And the afternoons haven't been that great either SubhanAllah..
But on Thursday we seemed to have a break through.. It was the first day without all the morning drama and he ran into his classroom, which was brilliant to see and MashaAllah he was so calm and content when he came back home at lunch time.. Obviously i had hoped for the same on Friday, but that wasn't the case.. When i picked him up at lunch time, he was crying because he wanted to stay for lunch! lol MashaAllah.. So today hasn't been any issues at all when going to school, InshaAllah it'll be alright, he just need some time to settle in properly..
His first speech therapy assessment at school was suppose to happen last week, but because he was only in half a day and the therapist comes to the school in afternoons, then he missed that one.. InshaAllah this Wednesday he'll have his assessment. His teacher has also said she has asked someone from the children's health centre to come and have a look at him, so InshaAllah things are going in the right direction.. All I want for him is to get the right help and the support he needs and obviously get some question answered InshaAllah

This is now my first morning of being almost free, lol.. I've got no idea of what do to with myself, I think it'll take some time to adjust, but InshaAllah a set routine will be in place soon.. I will be doing a course in interior design in the near future InshaAllah and I've also decided to get back in shape! So InshaAllah when the dust has settled I'll get back on track!


Asalaam Alaikum!

InshAllah he will settle in properly soon and will get the right help and support!!


InshaAllah, otherwise he'll have a really hard time there.. he's missing the nursery so badly, it's heartbreaking at times..


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