oh dear!

Yesterday was Ayoub's 2nd full day at school and due to me being busy at home, i called the kids' dad to pick them up. They were a bit later than usual, so asked their dad why they were late, he said it was because Ayoub had wanted ice cream (odd, he never asks for ice cream)..
He then went back to his restaurant and called me to tell me that he actually had forgotten our son at the school, he had been on his way out of the gate, when our son's teacher came up to him and asked if he hadn't forgotten something! LOL! Oh dear! At first he was confused and had asked her my son?? and then he saw Ayoub coming running! hahaha he had forgotten that his son was now in full time!

That's men for ya! lol!


He he he! Men for you but it does happen. I went shopping and when I was served and gave the cashier my card it was declined for some odd reason so -I said I'd leave the shopping and go to the bank down the road. I was so ashamed because I held everyone up so tried to rush out quick, not realising I had left my baby in the baby chair of the trolley. The cashier was like 'Erm lady are you forgetting something?' And we all bursted out laughing!


looool! not THAT is funny! poor u, i can only imagine how embarrassed u must have felt!


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