Salam Alaikum!

It has been an horrible day today.. My 2 year old has hit the terrible 2's.. She has had such full on tantrums all day, it has been unbearable SubhanAllah.. Add that to a 4 year old, who hates school, which took every possible chance to make me feel it aswell! Uff! Uff! Uff! is all I can say Khair InshaAllah

BUT it's not all negative today. I took my son to the GP to get a referral to a paedriatrician. I was so nervous, as I had been brushed off by my old GP and health visitor. But this woman was just lovely and easy going and just by me telling her a little bit about him, she was happy to make the referral! Alhamdulillah! and because I had obtained a letter from the school regarding their observations, she said i could expect an appointment in the post within 2 weeks! Oh I can't even tell you how relieved I am, that someone FINALLY listen to me, is taking me seriously! And just the fact that doors will start opening now and he'll recieve the support he desperately needs! InshaAllah!

I know there's still quite a way to go, but everything seems just so much brighter now Alhamdulillah!


Assalamu Aleykum sister,

Alhamdulillah you've met such a nice GP, ALLAH SWT has rewarded your patience and InshALLAH things will go smoother now.


InshaAllah, I hope so, as it will help us alot in every aspect


Great news regarding your referral. Have you looked into your son diet? When my son was 2 years old he had 8 out 10 symptoms of Mild Autism. I looked into diet plans that were relevant to hyperactive children and children with autism and came to the decision he must of had one of the two. He was hyperactive and the diet changes I made had a massive impact in his behaviour. He is six now and we are still watching his an all the kids diet. Just a thought if you haven't looked into it.


MashaAllah that's great, what have u excluded?

my son is a very fussy eater, due to his sensory issues, There are alot of food he won't touch due to the look (which he says is scary) and texture (the feel of it in his hand or/and mouth)
like the only fruit he will touch and eat is banana, but it must not be bruised and has to be broken into 2 pieces.
vegetables he won't eat, however i do blend them into the sauce or mash them and then mix it with the rice.. the mash only goes if i feed him and he doesn't inspect the food... He'll eat chicken and lamb, but won't eat mince or fish (except tuna)
pasta he'll only eat with tuna
he loves bread, but again no other filling than soft cheese and honey.
If I serve anything else, he'll refuse to eat and believe me he'll go on hunger strike if he doesn't like the food.
So you see, it's really hard work... If i make a dish he won't eat, then I'll cook something i know he'll eat aswell.. There is always vegetables and/or salads at dinner time, and various fresh fruit available in between.. so it's not because he hasn't been introduced to them :)


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