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Salam Alaikum

Oh I'm soooo tempted to relocate! Living in this navy city, is somewhat depressing to say the least. But there's always the question where to??
I've looked into Birmingham and although I've had my heart set on that city for years, I've realised it's probably not my kind of city... Yes the cost of living is alot cheaper than most of the country, but the quality is also thereafter and to be honest (no offence people) but the areas where muslims are in majority, are filty, rubbish all over the place etc... Not the place you want to raise small children or teens for that matter..
Then there's Leicester, which seems to be a place that many have recommended, I've never been there, so can't say much about it. From what I've seen online, it's alright, but still need do to some more research to see what's available..
and then there's London.. The place got everything you need... But then you also have to pay the price for it.. Although it is tempting..

The thing is it isn't easy to just pack up and go, as I've got 4 children to take into consideration, although I'm sure the girls would settle in straight away, my concerns are my son.. Then it's the crucial issue of finding the right schools and the right area to live, social circles and so on...

So does any of you have any suggestions? Perhaps a place I haven't consider?? But please... I don't want to be the only Muslim in the village and especially not between swillbillies, I've had enough of them lol


Assalamu Aleyku sister,

Have you considered Luton?It's a small city, quite cheap, wide muslim community, many islamic schools, nice parks, and it's close to London.


wa alaikum salam sister

No that one hasn't come to mind, will have a look into to it InshaAllah, Barak Allahu Feeki x


Salaam Alaikum sister,

Im new to your blog! I definitely know how you feel about the terrible "twos" only my daughter is going through the terrible "ones" lol. I can only imagine whats in store once she turns 2 =/
Im glad your doctor listened to you and was able to give you the referral that your son needs.

Take care,


Wa Alaikum Salam sister

welcome to my blog :D

LOL those tantrums won't ever go! the terrible 3's are actually worse! or so it has been with my kids lol

yeah Alhamdulillah it's great to finally be able to get one foot inside the system, INshaAllah the other one will follow soon

thanks for visiting my blog


Salam alayki sis, Well my advice is to not move into Birmingham, the outskirts maybe. I have heard Aylsebury near Luton is a lovely area as my friend lives there. Leeds apparently has a good muslim community. I am in birmingham and what to leave soo badly. It is ok if you can get an area that is multicultural, quiet with a good local school but that is very rare. It is too overwhelming I think.


Leeds is too far away, I will have a proper look at luton InshaAllah

yeah the school issue and neighbourhood isn't really compatible in Birmingham, as it seems like you can't have both, Khair INshaAllah


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