a run-in with the swillbillies

Salam Alaikum!

Take a look at these pictures, a stunning place isn't it?

have you absorbed those picture yet? Well by looking at them you would have thought anyone would have a fantasting time at such a place right?? WRONG! lol!
We took the advantage of the gorgeous weather we had yesterday and went up on the moors. Usually we all have a blast and the kids absolutely love exploring the rivers and the woodland there MashaAllah.
As we arrived we noticed an elderly couple sitting not too far from the spot we had chosen.. They seemed rather odd, lol they had set up a toilet, picnic table and God knows what!
Anyway as we sat down and took our food out, the rest of that family arrived! O...M...G!!! I've never seen anything like it! They were loud and rude! they had a filty dog with them and on purpose let the dog wander over us, I was shocked! Seriously there was absolutely no respect and no intention of removing the dog. I then asked them to move their filty dog as we we're having food and all out and the reply i got was "we have been here all day!" Ehm hello??? since when has public spaces become private property?? LOL they obviously got even more annoyed that we spoke up, so they jumped in the river were the kids were and started to throw rocks around to splash water everywhere... I swear, if it hadn't been for the sister I was with, I would have absolutely kicked off! Because of these swillbillies our kids couldn't even get in the river! I swear I have never seen adults or kids for that matter, behaving in such a way, SubhanAllah, I've seen those kind of people on TV, but never IRL...
Shocking to say the least!

and for those who wonder what i mean about swillbillies... well Americans use hillbillies, which didn't really cover these people... Swillies on the other hand do (just the local word for chavs), so I thought Swillbillies sounded a bit better lol


Assalamu Aleykum,

MashALLAH stunning place, and lol at the swillbillies, your post really brought a smile to my face.


Wa alaikum asalaam!

Beautiful pics mashAllah!

People like that make my blood boil!!


nice pics and nice place...but once again it proves that places are made beautiful or worse by the humans in and around these...so what was supposed to be a picnic day was ruined by these bunch of idiots... one should behave in a public place and respect for others...but there are many in the world who wouldnt just get it... :(


Barak Allahu Feeki

We go to so many places like this and this is the first time I've experienced anything like it. It totally ruined our day, such a shame, SubhanAllah


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