oh what a week!

Salam Alaikum!

Well I can honestly say this has been one heck of a week at my end.. Kids had a non-pupil day on monday, which meant WWIII started!
So Tuesday morning I was actually relieved that all 3 kids we're going to school for a few hours, just so I could reload my battery! As we approached the entrance, my son's teacher comes up to me and says "I've spoken to the SENCO and she has said Ayoub was only going to come in on a part time basis" I was like what?? that wasn't what I had agreed upon when I saw her last time.. I agreed to every other day part time.. Tuesdays and Thursdays.. So said to her that the SENCO must have misunderstood and I left it at that. When Ayoub came home, he was actually happier than he has been over the last 1 1/2 month, so obviously he's coming to terms with going to this school... or so I thought!
Wednesday morning when we came to the school, the SENCO was there and she came up to me and says "he WILL come in on a part time basis!" I was like huh?? I then explained to her that she must have misunderstood what was said and asked her why this change now? "He's not coping at all, he WILL only come in on a part time basis!" I was speechless and all I could say was "Ooook!" and walked off.. I was furious!! But I know if I would have said anything there and then I would have gone absolutely mental! I went home and was just sittiung on the sofa, staring at the wall, whilst I just got more and more angry! So pulled myself together and thought "right, they want a war, they sure as heck are gonna get one!"
I got the little one dressed and headed over to the nursery, where Ayoub was before going to school. I've known them for 4 years by now and they've been very supportive and helpful during these years MashaAllah. I got hold of both the head of the nursery and the PSA (Parent Support Advisor). I told them the whole story and they were gobsmacked. And as I had hoped they were willing to help me out, even though I don't have any kids at their school at the moment. They were actually amazing, MashaAllah.. I've arranged a meeting with the headteacher tomorrow morning and the PSA will be there to support me. If it goes well, then we'll leave it at that, if not then we'll set up a CAF (common assessment framework) which they will be forced to attend. They've also offered to give me one of the nursery staff to come over to Ayoub's school to work as a one 2 one, until he's settled in MashaAllah.. Also they've offered him a place in the nursery until January, where they can do an easy transition over to reception at their school. So by the summer he'll be fully attending reception there. This has it's great benefits as he knows most of the kids there already, because he was at nursery with them. So that's always an option.
Oh and another issue has come up aswell... My son said yesterday that a teacher had slapped him, so I raised my concerns with the head teacher. Not sure if my son was telling the truth or not, but at least it had to be addressed (just in case he'll say it again, then they can't say why haven't u told us before?).. He went up the wall and totally blew it out of proportion! I said to him, it would be good if he could ask the teacher what had happened in the class the previous day, but nooooo... He went on about calling the local authorities and so on! SubhanAllah! Anyway I will bring this up on the meeting tomorrow InshaAllah

A mother I speak to on a regular basis who has an autistic son, told me that her son had been permanently excluded from the school today, SubhanAllah! Appearantly he had attacked the one 2 one (still not clear exactly what had happened).. I find this very upsetting as they've been just as discriminating towards him as my son, just for a much longer period.. I asked my eldest daugther about this boy today, about what had happened as they're in the same class.. she said he had been absolutely fine all day, but appearantly had gotten a red card, which only the teachers knew about (her words).. This makes me think that it's either a set -up or planned.. I know I sound crazy, but honestly the story about this boy is very sad, the school has tried to get rid of him since last year. What I don't understand is how the heck can they get away with it?? and how can they treat an autistic child like this?? Oh the ignorance!! Seems like this school is only good enough if you have normal kids, if you have a SEN child, then out you go! SubhanAllah how can they sleep at night!


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