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Salam Alaikum

As previously mentioned I've had some serious issues with Ayoub's current school. Had a meeting with his headteacher on friday and the outcome was not great. Seriously he's the most arrogant and ignorant man I've ever met in my life. Was so rude, cut me off all the time, I don't think I was able to even complete one sentance, he accused me of lying and put words in my mouth, SubhanAllah, I was boiling on the inside and if I had been there any longer I would probably have punched him straight in the face! The PSA, who was with me was also gobsmacked and said she had never met a headteacher like him herself (she has met many of them) and said straight out that the school wasn't for my son.
I've used the weekemd to reflect on what to do next and how to help my son the best way I can.. I decided it would probably be best for me to home school, as he's obviously not happy at school and honestly I just can't handle his outbursts anymore.. So monday I used to ask around about home schooling and yesterday I went to the nursery to see if they we're willing to take him in, or at least let him come to socialise whilst i home school, which they had no problems with at all..
Today I went back to the nursery and had a lengthy chat with the head of the nursery. I was able to go into thorough details with regards to his behaviour and she was shocked to find out how much he has changed since he started school. She agreed with me that he's definitely not the same boy that left the nursery back in July. And she even went so far to say that she had never have thought she'd say it, but she actually thought that a special school might be the best for him, SubhanAllah!
In the afternoon I was able to bring ayoub over there to play, whilst I got hold of the child psychologist who works with that school. She also agreed with me that there was definitely something there.. When I told her I wanted to home school my son, she actually advised me against it, but came up with another solution. She told me to ask his current school to keep his place open, whilst he goes back to nursery, then gradually build up a preparation for school. Then whilst he's in the nursery, i should apply for a transition over to the school where the nursery is. She also told me that if I was able to do that, then the nursery would be able to make a referral to the communication and interaction team, aswell as cahms (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).
This is a great result for us, MashaAllah and just goes to show it helps to be pushy at times! our referral to the paediatrician hasn't come through yet, so I'll be calling the GP tomorrow and then InshaAllah I will relax until after half term!!


I am happy at the end you came across intelligent and nice people - It will make such a difference for your little one and for you too.
Stay well Aisha.


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