national bug busting week!

Salam Alaikum

If there is anything i hate more about parenting, it's the constant nit-picking! Even though I comb their hair on a regular basis, I keep finding more and more!! I usually do the combing on fridays, if i find any I'll put vinegar and olive oil in their hair, leave it in over night and then comb again on saturdays.. I do this on fridays, as the hair becomes quite greasy and needs a couple of washes to get rid of the oil.. You can use washing up liquid to get it out, but I prefer not to do that.
This week however it didn't happen, as my son had the worst tantrums ever, he was screaming and crying uncontrollably until bedtime, so by then I was absolutely shattered and decided to leave it to the next day.. Yesterday I decided to spend the day at the park, so when we came back they had their dinner, their baths and then off to bed...
So this morning i rolled my sleeves up and went to war on the bugs.. SubhanAllah I had never seen so many headlice before! even my son had them! the one who was worst was my 2nd one, there were soooo many of them argh!! So I spent 4 hours on combing hair this morning, there were lots of tears and screams involved aswell, which made me think... There should really be a bug busting week all over the country! where all parents comb their kids hair, every day for a whole week (which is the life cycle of head lice) and then following up by once a week! I'm sure we would see much less of these little buggers!
When my oldest daughter was in year 1, the school did a bug busting week, the children had to tick off boxes for every day the parents had combed their hair, and if they had done all 7 days, then they were able to enter a drawing competition and win a price.. I think this is a great idea and should actually become a national week!


Aslam'o Alikum Aisha,nice one,really good.


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